Carefully crafted iPhone, Mac and Android apps

Friendly for Facebook

  • Facebook and Messenger in One App
  • Filter Your News Feed by Keyword
  • Order Posts By Most Recent
  • Switch Between Accounts
  • Save Data, Save Battery
  • Free-up Storage Space

Friendly for Instagram

  • Watch and download stories anonymously
  • Pause, seek, download videos
  • Save or repost any photo or videos
  • Battery Saver Dark Mode
  • Quickly switch between multiple accounts
  • Block Ads

Friendly for Twitter

  • Lite and Storage Optimized
  • No Intrusive Notifications
  • Easy Dark Mode Access
  • No Service, Save Battery
  • Use Multiple Accounts
  • Block Ads

Friendly Streaming

An elegant browser optimized for Netflix, YouTube, Prime and other streaming sites

  • Enhanced Picture-in-Picture (PiP)
  • Adjust Video Brightness & Saturation
  • Customizable Launchpad

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You can send feedback from the settings of our apps which provides us with detail about the version of the app you are running.
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